Why “Energy?” (plus a daily 7-minute energy routine)


Why should we pay attention to stuff relating to energy (which includes meditation and prayer), instead of keeping focused on, say, food, supplements, andthinking?


“Energy” matters. It can be very powerful.


There is energy healing. But it can be much more ordinary than that.


Just think of music. “Music – it soothes the savage beast.” Those words come to mind.


A few notes of music can change the “energy” in a room. Everything feels different. It can shift the feeling in the room to high energy, or to soft and tranquil.


When Brandy, my first dog as an adult, was dying, I played one song for her over and over on her last day. The vet was coming in the evening. It was time for that. At some point in the morning, Ave Maria started playing. Everything in her relaxed. The song ended, the music changed. She changed. The deep relaxation was gone. So I played Ave Maria again. Peace.


It wasn’t a song I had played often before. It was on a collection of Christmas music. Christmas was coming, and I had known Brandy would not make it to Christmas. So I was playing Christmas music early.


Anyway, that day, it was Ave Maria all day long.


I remember, from childhood, the special magic of Silent Night. An adult favorite is Amazing Grace. Other songs are coming to mind: If I Had a Hammer, and just about everything from Grease, from Summer Loving to Greased Lightning to Hopelessly Devoted to You. I’m sure you too have songs that have a special “energy” pull.



Think too of how being in a landscape may change mood. Dawn by a lake. Sunshine on snow.



We’ve also all heard of the placebo effect. That’s your own belief, your own energy healing you.



Then, some people have a seemingly uncanny knack for sensing what’s on its way. Hiltgunt Zasseshaus come to mind. She saved 1,200 lives in Word War II. Over and over, she took enormous risks – and never got caught. Perhaps her most amazing choice: to leave Dresden on just about the last train out, before the fire bombing that took hundreds of thousands of civilian lives. Yes, she had tremendous courage and persistence. She also seemed to possess an intuitive sense that saved her, over and over. (I “met” her through her autobiography, Walls. I went on to teach it to hundreds of college students. It was always extremely popular.)



And now, back to energy, all on its own.



Here, a daily 7-minute energy routine to remove blocks and get energy flowing well. It came into my inbox, I tried it for a few days, and like it very much. It’s gentle and yet, in my experience, effective.



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