Tapping (acupressure to undo emotional blocks)

Tapping - acupressure to undo emotional blocks

I bumped into this strange thing called “tapping” about seven years ago. There were repeated references to in on a favorite health site. It was, “Eat this” or “Don’t eat this.” And then, “Eating well isn’t enough. To release emotional stress, do tapping.”


Finally, one day I clicked on the link and took a look at what was being recommended. It certainly seemed a bit strange – tapping on various acupressure points, many on the face. But soon I was hooked – because I could feel things shifting when I tapped.


What is this thing called tapping? The underlying premise is that blocks are stored in the body, that many of these blocks can be released through tapping on emotional acupressure points, and that, as we release the body blocks, we free ourselves from the hold of limiting patterns of fear, or numbness, or anger, and on.


I could go on and on explaining, but there’s nothing like watching and trying. So my suggestion is to go over to The Tapping Solution, and do what I did: try it out.


Is tapping for you? I’ve listened to a lot of interviews with psychologists who came to tapping because they could not help some of their clients. They had clients who were stuck, sometimes for months, using talk therapies. The same painful issues kept being rehashed. No change. By adding tapping, the therapists found that they often could accomplish in weeks what otherwise took months.


By the way, tapping also is something you can do on your own. So it’s free, unless you prefer to having a support person around.

So, again, if this intrigues you, you will find a whole lot to try out at The Tapping Solution.



In my case, within a few weeks of finding out about tapping, something happened that got me to really experience  the benefits of tapping: the first ever 10-day online World Tapping Summit . Each day there were interviews with 2 experts. Each of the interviews included tapping routines – where listeners were encouraged to tap along – on stress, on pain, on grief, on improving relationships, on phobias, on addiction, on weight. There was even tapping for pets.


The interviews were free for a day.


I ended up listening, and also buying so I could re-listen to favorite interviews.


I’ve gone on to recommend tapping as a “joint venture” – meaning if you end up purchasing something, I will earn something.


Does one outgrow tapping? I sometimes kind of forget about it for a time. And then I get stuck on something – like on something frustrating that I can’t get out of my mind. At some point, tapping comes to mind again. It’s a great tool to have.