Routes to Flourishing

There are many routes to flourishing. And not each person needs to go down the same road. Generally people need what they lack – physical energy, clarity of thought, feeling deeply.


For now, one route to wellness will be energy, plain and pure – notably through a short daily energy balancing routine from Donna Eden, of Eden Energy Medicine. Why include this? There are 2 reasons. I do this routine. And I’ve been impressed by Donna and her husband, David Feinstein, their whole approach to energy, both for individuals and for couples.


But how much energy we have also relates to what we take into our bodies. Traditional sources of wellness, energy and healing include essential oils.


“Tapping” is yet another way of enabling us to flourish, by helping us remove inner blocks, inner stuck points. Our pasts are stored in our bodies. If something happened that was too much for us to deal with, likely it is “frozen” in our bodies – it’s not just a memory; it is still alive. It is thriving; we’re not. We’re robbed of much of our energy.


Thinking is another thing we need to flourish. Often we’re stuck in mental traps, enclosed by blinders that cut us off from perceiving, from recognizing.┬áBeing brain-wrecked is no way to flourish.


Interviews will be one way of getting people to know the methods more fully.