Dark Forces


The dark side. Evil. Dark forces. The forces of evil. I know this kind of thing isn’t popular among those into “energy.”


Instead one gets a lot of comments like:
“If it shows up in your life, you have created it. If you no longer wanted it, it would no longer be there.”
“What you focus on, grows. So don’t focus on what you don’t want.”


My experience:
If one doesn’t pay attention to bad stuff, it is very likely to grow and grow – like fungus that isn’t taken care of, like cancer if it isn’t dealt with, like Nazism which Chamberlain appeased until he could no longer appease. Instead, he had to face the outcome of his appeasement: World War II. Of course, he stepped down as prime minister of England. Churchill was finally given the chance to lead. Churchill, who had all along been facing the danger posed by Hitler and the Nazis.


How do I see the world? I am one person. Other people exist. I affect them. They affect me.


Bad stuff doesn’t tend to fade away on its own, if we just ignore it enough. Women didn’t get the vote without paying attention. Slavery didn’t drift into non-existence because people didn’t pay attention.


My experience is that bad stuff exists, and needs to be faced and dealt with. Bad stuff on the social level, and on the individual. As I experience people, lots of dangerous destructive stuff – including envy, greed, hatred, reality denial, delusions – exists in everyone, including myself. Further, my sense is that “cosmic forces” exist, some good, some evil, and some likely mixed.


I don’t know how much attention I will be paying attention to what one may call the dark side – in people, in the universe. But I know it’s important, from the beginning, to at least acknowledge that it’s there, real, powerful.