About Elsa

truth-sleuth-200-235 I’ve always cared about wellness. Here I’m going to bring together some favorite aspects of wellness, of flourishing: like

– a favorite energy routine – 5 minutes a day to help our energy flow;
– “tapping” (tapping on emotional acupressure points, to release blocks);
– looking outward at the world – facing truths that may be hard to face, especially when there is major pressure against facing them. (Truth, the new hate speech, I have heard more than once.)


I’ll also look at some products, starting with essential oils. Our energy is connected to what we put into our bodies!!


Some of the products will relate to memory. My mother is having heart-related memory issues, as well as major heart problems and arthritis. My sister is doing all she can to slow and even reverse the process, by learning all she can about natural approaches. An amazing thing: my mother has gone from 7 medications to one. (She’s taking a bunch of supplements, though.) My mother is also improving – more memory, more happiness, more alertness. This is almost unheard of, with conventional medial approaches. And my sister and I are doing a lot of what our mother is doing – in our case, to ward off what has happened to our mother.


The attention to wellness, to good nutrition for physical health, goes back to childhood. I remember my mother rolling her eyes at fluffy white bread: it did not look or taste like it had any edible content. As for myself, I had barely moved out from home when I heard of brown rice – far more nutritious than white rice, I read. I immediately switched over. It didn’t make sense to me to eat one thing when another was healthier.


I was also quick to pay attention to what we needed in society – like male-female equality. My father was very concerned about social issues and so was I: desperate poverty, war, governments against human rights, barriers against various groups.


It took me a lot longer to pay attention to other aspects of flourishing, those relating to inner wellness. All those talk therapies – I had no idea about them when I was growing up.


And then – a whole other world – I stumbled upon body-centered approaches to inner flourishing, to undoing inner blocks. “Tapping” (tapping on emotional acupressure points). Shiatsu. Therapeutic touch. QiGong exercises, Taoist exercises, chakra work, mindfulness, paraliminals, and all kinds of meditation practices.


And now, the Wellness Emporium – a place to bring together some of my favorite routes to flourishing within ourselves, and also to having a society that supports our flourishing.


There will also be interviews with some favorite people who care about flourishing. How did they develop their interests? What drew them to one approach or another? What keeps them going? What got them to want to share their knowledge? How have they been received?


For now, a beginning.